Spinnaker Advisory Group guides its client companies to dramatically improved results.   Our fundamental assets are our technical skills and our ability to diagnose and resolve issues that limit success.  We specialize in:

We work with technology organizations that need to perform more effectively.  Once engaged, we diagnose the root causes of disappointing results.  Then we provide triage and longer-term recommendations for improvement.  Our immediate customer is a board member, or senior executive, with a critical vested interest in achieving maximum output.

Strong relationships based on successful interventions are the foundation of our practice.  We optimize for clients that will support a series of engagements.  Our ideal engagement lasts less than six months and results in a demonstrable improvement in the client’s effectiveness.

Our consulting team (admittedly, it's become a pretty small team) has extensive executive experience in technology with demonstrated success in enterprise products, application software, telecommunications and semiconductor products.

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